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Who is lowah?

Laura Jun, or more more commonly known by the alias LOWAH, is a freelance illustrator based in Orange Country, California. Whether its from the comfort of their own home, or traveling to places with fantastic views, they are always and forever living vicariously through 2D characters.  


Despite having a Bachelor's in Animation, their post graduate life involved a nonstop freelance life attending conventions and creating work for personal projects. They enjoy creating printed fancomics and zines for fun. They specialize in anime artwork, promo illustrations, cover artwork, and take particular pride in their lineart and inkwork.


Their art can be found on the blu-ray covers for Warner Bros. Japan's licensed release of RWBY by Rooster Teeth volume 1-4, and Newtype Magazine's November issue for 2016

Contact me

For questions or business inquiries, feel free to email me at:

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